The Top Cybersecurity Trends from 2018 and Predictions for 2019

By Eyal Wachsman

As this year is coming to a close, we look back at the year in review. In 2018, cybercriminals succeeded to carry out a larger number of cyberattacks and data breaches than any previous year.


The 6 Big Cyber Trends of 2018:

Trend #1 – Email Attacks Remain Popular

Trend #2 – Cryptojacking and Crypto Hijacking

Trend #3 – Zero-Day and Fileless Attacks

Trend #4 – Ransomware Keeps Paying Off

Trend #5 – Verticals and Industries Remain Prime Targets

Trend #6 – Law, Crime, and Punishment


In this whitepaper, we dive deep into these 6 trends from 2018 and forecast what we expect to see in the year ahead. You can utilize the real time insights from our security and research team to prepare your cybersecurity protection in 2019.


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