The Top Cybersecurity Trends from 2018 and Predictions for 2019
Eyal Wachsman, November 19, 2018
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As this year is coming to a close, we look back at the year in review. In 2018, cybercriminals succeeded to carry out a larger number of cyberattacks and data breaches than any previous year.   The 6 Big Cyber Trends of 2018: Trend #1 – Email Attacks Remain Popular Trend #2 – Cryptojacking and Crypto Hijacking Trend #3 – Zero-Day and Fileless Attacks Trend #4 – Ransomware Keeps Paying Off Trend #5 – Verticals and Industries Remain Prime Targets Trend #6 – Law, Crime, and Punishment   In this.
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Leveraging Cyber Simulation for M&A
Eyal Aharoni, May 21, 2018
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Why Cybersecurity Is Critical for a Successful M&A In its “Cybersecurity Is Critical to the M&A Due Diligence Process” research note, Gartner points out that the M&A process is complicated by the inability to integrate and manage the cybersecurity practices of both companies. As part of the due diligence process, the acquiring company needs to examine the cybersecurity history and policies of the organization that it wants to acquire very carefully, as illustrated by the takeover of Yahoo by.
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The US is Fighting in the Cyber Trenches
Eyal Aharoni, April 12, 2018
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Yes, the US is under cyberattacks - constantly Being a rich superpower comes with a price, as the US found out the hard  way. Especially American healthcare and financial organizations remain popular targets, since they are rich pickings for cybercrooks. Infrastructure is another favorite, as are municipalities which have often outdated cyber defenses. Looking back, 2017 which was a peak year with 1.57B data breaches and close to 179M data records exposed (Source: Statistica). Although it’s.
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