Three Things to Consider in a Breach and Attack Simulation Solution
Mor Ahuvia, May 21, 2019
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You’ve come to the conclusion that quarterly pen tests, monthly vuln scans and annual red teaming are great, but there still not enough. You need to know if you’re truly secure, and you need to know it right now. You’ve recently heard about breach and attack simulation (BAS) and how it can help. So what should you look for when evaluating BAS solutions? Here’s our $0.02.   Validation of both Internal and External Controls Many BAS solutions focus solely on challenging your internal network.
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How BAS Optimizes Defense Against Supply Chain Attacks
Dor Sarig, May 6, 2019
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Supply chain cyberattacks are increasing as companies outsource a growing number of services. Today, your enterprise is more likely than ever to have third parties touching sensitive data[1]. Even when your security controls are robust, an attacker can breach a weaker network—like the network of one of your suppliers, service providers, or partners—and use it as an indirect route into your network[2]. In 2018, many highly publicized breaches were the result of supply-chain attacks: Atrium.
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How BAS Killed the Pen Test
Eyal Wachsman, April 23, 2019
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Cymulate’s Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS) as-a-Service has forever changed pen tests as we know them. From months to minutes, cloud-based BAS has revolutionized how fast organizations can get security assessment results, and how much they must pay to know how secure they are at any given point in time. Predicting the Present In February 2018, Mr. Augusto Barros, Research VP at Gartner, predicted that breach and attack simulation technology (BAS), combined with vulnerability assessments,.
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