Seeing the Unseen: Detecting and Preventing the Advanced Persistent Threat

In the last few years, APT attacks conducted by individual cybercriminals, organized crime and state-sponsored groups have become prevalent and sophisticated, bypassing standard security controls such as

The Most Malicious Threat Actors Using Email

Cyberattacks using the email vector has been the most widely used attack vector for the past few years, including this year. Threat actors are spreading ransomwares, trojans, malwares, and more with a simple email. In this blog, we will review the breakdown and the average penetration ratio per[...]

November Cyberattacks Wrap-up

November's Cyberattacks In our monthly wrap-up, we cover the latest cyberattacks highlighting the attack methods and payloads used by malicious hackers and cybercriminals. The month ended with Marriott disclosing that it had been the victim of a large-scale data breach. The data of around 500[...]

A Guide to Stay Cybersafe This Holiday Season

Cymulate wishes you a cybersafe Holiday Season! The holiday season is a time of joy and celebration, and as we all know, lots of shopping. With Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas shopping, the amount of shopping drastically increases, specifically online shopping. In a report released by[...]

Another Fake Invoice Phishing Scam to the Bin

The fake invoice phishing scam has been around for quite some time and it pops in the wild every once in a while, in a different form. Overall, the nature of all those scams are in the end the same - a clever con to defraud victims.

Cryptojacking - The Latest Cybercrime Play

Following the news, you are quite likely awed by the boost in cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin has made the (financial) headlines. Founded in 2009, it has risen to levels we have seldom seen before. Needless to say, many other cryptocurrencies jumped on the bandwagon and are now catching up with[...]