Massive Data Hack Becomes Personal for German Politicians

  Targeting politicians with cyber-attacks is not new, cybercriminals, hacktivists and rival nations have been doing this for many years. In 2016, Russian hackers allegedly tried to interfere in the 2016 US presidential election. The British parliament was targeted in mid-2017 in an attempt to[...]

Cyber Slingshot Away!

Coming to a router near you - beware of Slingshot malware! Cybercrooks and cyberspooks never sleep, and their new “creations” keep popping up. One of the recent trends is targeting routers to cyberattack. Recently, the routers of Latvian manufacturer MikroTik were attacked in a highly sophisticated[...]

Another Fake Invoice Phishing Scam to the Bin

The fake invoice phishing scam has been around for quite some time and it pops in the wild every once in a while, in a different form. Overall, the nature of all those scams are in the end the same - a clever con to defraud victims.

Will 2018 be the year of critical infrastructure cyberattacks?

For some time now, authorities have been worried that their critical infrastructure will be shut down or severely compromised. Some institutions experience thousands of attempted attacks on a daily basis by hackers, cyber criminals and rival nations. According to the US Department of HLS,[...]

Iran’s Growing Role in Cyber warfare

On October 31, Major General Nadav Padan stated at the Reuters Cyber Security Summit that Iran has been launching an increasing number of attacks on Israel. Padan, who heads the IDF’s C4I and Cyber Defense Directorate, added: “Iran has been responsible for many of the thousands of daily[...]

What CopyKittens Can Teach Us About Cyber-security

Thanks to the experts at ClearSky Cyber Security and Trend Micro, a highly professional cyber spy ring, known as CopyKittens, was exposed in an operation with the codename “Wilted Tulip”. The detailed report published on July 25th 2017, paints an alarming picture. CopyKittens has been active since[...]

Petya, NotPetya call it the way you like, it is still Ransomware!

Tuesday June 27th, just a little over than a month had past since the Wannacry ransomware campaign and in just a few hours multiple reports of a worldwide outbreak regarding a new ransomware campaign, some say it is a new variant of "Petya” others call it “NotPetya”.