Web Applications Vulnerability Is Everyone’s Responsibility

When organizations worry about their cyber security, they focus on ransomware attacks, employees opening (spear) phishing emails or clicking on malicious banners and links on websites. But there is another danger that is often underestimated - the web applications of your own organization could[...]

What CopyKittens Can Teach Us About Cyber-security

Thanks to the experts at ClearSky Cyber Security and Trend Micro, a highly professional cyber spy ring, known as CopyKittens, was exposed in an operation with the codename “Wilted Tulip”. The detailed report published on July 25th 2017, paints an alarming picture. CopyKittens has been active since[...]

Petya, NotPetya call it the way you like, it is still Ransomware!

Tuesday June 27th, just a little over than a month had past since the Wannacry ransomware campaign and in just a few hours multiple reports of a worldwide outbreak regarding a new ransomware campaign, some say it is a new variant of "Petya” others call it “NotPetya”.

Cyber-Crime Rising

Cyber-Crime is on the Rise! As part of its annual routine, the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) released on June 21st 2017 its 2016 Internet Crime Report, describing the numbers and types of cyber-crimes reported to IC3. The report shows that during 2016, the IC3 received a total of[...]

Have You Been Phished Today?

The rise of cyber-attacks on organizations via the email vector is continuously escalating. As we have seen recently, hospitals, transit companies, financial institutions, academic institutions, telecommunication companies and many others were all victims. Cyber criminals have become more advanced,[...]

Academy Exposed: Cyber Attacker’s Preferred Target

Cyber-attacks and information breaches within the academic sector have received much less media attention than attacks on health, financial and industrial sectors. Nevertheless, based on a number of reports since 2014, academic institutions are part of the 3 most targeted sectors. Furthermore,[...]