Russia Blamed for Petya/NotPetya

Five Eyes Nations Peg Russia as the Brains behind Petya/NotPetya Remember Petya and NotPetya? Quick reminder: The initial version of the ucial infrastructure including its central bank, airport, metro transport, and even the Chernobyl power plant. The hackers used the Ukrainian accounting program[...]

It's 2018 and Cyber Attacks Using Email Haven’t Gone Away  

Bad News - Attackers Are Launching Email Based Cyber Attacks As Never Before Just as in 2016 and 2017, cyber criminals, malicious hackers and nations keep on targeting email inboxes this year. Corporate email accounts have always been a favorable target and according to security experts, the BEC[...]

Hacking The 2018 Winter Olympics

The Olympic Destroyer Hacks The Winter Olympics 2018 Swiping Files (Not Medals) In total, 91 national teams participated in the Winter Olympics 2018. The Olympians were not the only stars, major companies such as Samsung and Intel showed off with self-driving cars, virtual-reality viewing stations[...]

Iran’s Continuous Cyberwarfare Efforts

Since my previous post on the matter dated November 2nd 2017, Iran keeps on waging its cyberwarfare against its neighbors and (sadly enough) also its citizens. The increasing number of attacks launched by hackers backed by the Iranian regime and its proxies has shown a mix of sophisticated as well[...]

Another Fake Invoice Phishing Scam to the Bin

The fake invoice phishing scam has been around for quite some time and it pops in the wild every once in a while, in a different form. Overall, the nature of all those scams are in the end the same - a clever con to defraud victims.

Will 2018 be the year of critical infrastructure cyberattacks?

For some time now, authorities have been worried that their critical infrastructure will be shut down or severely compromised. Some institutions experience thousands of attempted attacks on a daily basis by hackers, cyber criminals and rival nations. According to the US Department of HLS,[...]

Cyber Security Professionals In High Demand

Professional cybersecurity staff are hard to find - and it only gets worse! For more than a decade, I have been working as a security professional at several companies of various sizes and in different industries. Over the years, I have noticed a worrying trend - lack of skilled security[...]

Cryptojacking - The Latest Cybercrime Play

Following the news, you are quite likely awed by the boost in cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin has made the (financial) headlines. Founded in 2009, it has risen to levels we have seldom seen before. Needless to say, many other cryptocurrencies jumped on the bandwagon and are now catching up with[...]

United States Cyber Warfare

On Monday December 18, 2017, the White House released a strategy document, calling for stronger defenses against hackers working for criminal enterprises and nations such as Iran, North Korea, China and Russia. In this document, the White House stated that threats targeting cybersecurity pose a[...]

SOX Compliance Now Includes Cybersecurity

SOX Compliance Includes Cybersecurity - Let Cymulate Help You To Navigate The Waters The Sarbanes-Oxley Act (known as SOX) went into effect in 2002 to protect shareholders and the general public from accounting errors and fraudulent practices of organizations. It was also tailored to improve the[...]