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Eli Kugel, Inside Sales Manager, brings a consultative approach to Tech Sales with the BAS landscape. Eli is a sales leader with years of B2B experience, ensuring consistent growth with a "throughout the funnel" approach. Eli's past experience includes B2B roles in the Unified Communication space as well as advisory roles in multiple startups. Raised in Brooklyn, NY with a unique educational background in Rabbinics and Business from Singaporean and US Universities, Eli currently resides and thrives in Tel Aviv, Israel.

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Comparison of Security Testing Methods
Eli Kugel, May 27, 2020
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“No Thanks." The phone is picked up, “We have a service that does that” says the 5th CISO that day. Welcome to my life. I’m an Inside Sales Representative, at Cymulate, and I speak to dozens of InfoSec Execs a week, and the first thing I hear is that some form of testing is being done, whether it’s vulnerability scanning or pen testing, with no more services required. My challenge is to convince them that it’s worth their while to learn about a new and better approach to security testing. .
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How to Test for Compliance
Eli Kugel, February 27, 2020
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Compliance, Time to Catch Up Laws are great. Wearing a seatbelt, for instance, is a great law. It ensures you don't get killed. So why was it only introduced decades after the world got on the road? That's because it takes time for the government to catch up with  evolving situations (like the dangers involved in automobile collisions); and boy is the Cybercriminal market  evolving at an alarming pace - with US cities paying as much as $600,000 for a single ransomware payout in 2019. That said,.
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